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Radovan Ždrale

Dear Visitor, I am pleased to welcome you to my official website. Here you can see and find everything that represents my passion, my love and my long-standing creativity. I hope you will like it and I hope you will find something for yourself. I wish you a pleasant sightseeing.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award for Literary and Scientific Work, dedicated to the character and work of Nikola Tesla awarded by The Tesla Science Foundation from Philadelphia.

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I, rock

I, your brook, small like the throat of sand and great like the Himalayas, I am your genetic code. You are my descendant.

You look at me in my crystal bars and you see how much it’s the same. And us, stones, with different races and nations. White, black, red, transparent, good and evil, happy and sad, miraculous and ordinary, those who kill, poor and rich…


You are born of a woman whose mother is the Great Burst force. My brothers are magnets, earth depths, winds, and thunders, you do not have such brothers. You are alone. In one thing we are the same: you are the sum of atoms, I am the sum of atoms.

From memory, we follow each other. You are restless and short-sighted, I’m stagnant and eternal. As you walked towards the light of reason, straight to the back legs, I found myself in your hand that you rushed into the indefinite future, into the adventure of omnipotence. I was your first hammer, ax, arrow, your idol, god, and hope.

You asked for meaning in me and broken by the jade, lay in the house of the great sarcophagus and marked the last sign that you once lived. By my body, you wrote your first letter, account, architectural and artistic creations.

I am the lasting bones of the cities …… You are the durability and love …, the grave sins of evildoers, the slavery of the redeemed.

It’s hard to list everything I did and do …

I was your lasting destiny at all times, hoping that you will stop with the destruction of the only and commonplace anthropoid of the cosmos. Ah, my, down, unreasonable friend …


Radio Television of Vojvodina

The stone, that surrounds us since the formation of the world, carries all the secrets of this world, but for men, it is hard … and stingy with words. Radovan Ždrale, writer and sculptor from Novi Sad, reveals petrified messages from eternity by using the visual language. Before the emergence of diamond tools, semiprecious stone could only be shaped by nature. Ždrale now gives us the grail stone of Creator’s art.

Radio Television of Vojvodina
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Radovan Zdrale

My sculptural work


The specificity of my sculptural work has two aspects: a new quest for the beginnings of the first Neolithic artistic inspirations, from which the overall sculpture and painting emerged, what could be called a repeated search for the originals and re-passing the paths by which the ancient Neolithic came to our time. In a large number of modern sculptures – all are made of stone – there are other motifs and sculptural procedures, such as the attempt of reducing the full visual content to two dimensions.

The stone, used for making most sculptures, belongs to a group of aesthetically highly effective minerals, often so-called semiprecious stones, which often give the sculptures the extraordinary appeal of the effects that the stone hides in itself.

Radovan Ždrale